Earth is not just a trash dumpster!

You might first think that this post might be some what off course but an event this week came home and made me think about this. I needed a large trash dumpster this week and so during the process of investigating the different firms and learning the sizes available and what size costs what I found my thoughts turning to all the huge amounts of trash and wast that are generated in this throw away wold of consumers that we live in. How there has to be found a much better way to resource what is not used up by the people of the world.

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What’s the role of Pesticides?

Because of an event this week I have to write about pesticides and health. I have to mention this great company, the employees I interacted with and the service I did receive from the company. I live in a complex that has seen an influx of people from Somalia in the last number of years and I hate to point any fingers but the bug problem has been out of control here in the building for a corresponding number of years. I have been able to keep the numbers down to a very few here in this unit but it’s a never ending battle because the roaches have a perfect breeding ground in the rest of the building.

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Better then a diet

As with the majority of my generation being on or going on a diet was just not something that very many of us ever considered in our younger days. That is not the case with the subsequent generations however. Obesity among young people seems to be totally out of control. So why is that, what is the major cause of being obese in younger and younger adults, teens and children?

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Is It Worth It

I read an article this morning on the topic of the rising accumulation levels of pesticides in peoples around the world. Now, this information is not new to me but the article caught my attention and made me think about a couple aspects. Oh, one of the major points of the article was that as dangerous as DDT was to the planet and mankind the new combinations of pesticides is beginning to prove to be even more deadly to all life on this beautiful planet of ours.

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Oh Yes There Is

There is always a better way to do something! It doesn’t matter if the “Something” is large or small, physical, mental or emotional. It doesn’t matter if it deals with health or wealth. It doesn’t matter if it deals with life or death…there is a better way.

What I’m going to do with this site though is focus on a better way to health. I have a number of physical impairments for which the medical doctors tried their go-to treatments with no positive results so the results were to continue being a test dummy on drug after drug after drug just to see if by chance the condition might improve -or – to leave it be and there is nothing that medicine can do for you. In the opinion of so many, many people the above mentioned is not the better way to bring health to the masses.

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