Oh Yes There Is

There is always a better way to do something! It doesn’t matter if the “Something” is large or small, physical, mental or emotional. It doesn’t matter if it deals with health or wealth. It doesn’t matter if it deals with life or death…there is a better way.

What I’m going to do with this site though is focus on a better way to health. I have a number of physical impairments for which the medical doctors tried their go-to treatments with no positive results so the results were to continue being a test dummy on drug after drug after drug just to see if by chance the condition might improve -or – to leave it be and there is nothing that medicine can do for you. In the opinion of so many, many people the above mentioned is not the better way to bring health to the masses.

I’ve been on this earth for sixty three years now and I have watched the health of the general population continue to decline year after year while the medical industry continues to proclaim that they have found the cure for everything under the sun. It’s just been one new drug after another promising people a better life only to end up with people worse off and the drug company being sued for billions of dollars.

Because I have been around the block more then a few times I have also been witness to a number of reversals in medical advice and dogma. Take butter for one. Decades ago it was declared by the medical all knowing that butter was bad for your heart and health. So everyone was supposed to switch to margarine in place of butter. Now the medicals are saying that butter is a good fat and does your body better.

Eggs are another good example of a very healthy food that was demonized because of flawed science. High Cholesterol was named to be the main cause of heart disease and because eggs are high in cholesterol they were ruled bad for your heart and so not a healthy food to eat. Turns out that there are numerous forms of cholesterol naturally in the body and by eliminating all cholesterol a person becomes unhealthy. The heart and body needs the right forms of cholesterol.

The better way here is to consume a diet of foods as close to the way nature made as possible. Use your common sense and don’t believe blindly everything the medical “industry” proclaims.