Is It Worth It

I read an article this morning on the topic of the rising accumulation levels of pesticides in peoples around the world. Now, this information is not new to me but the article caught my attention and made me think about a couple aspects. Oh, one of the major points of the article was that as dangerous as DDT was to the planet and mankind the new combinations of pesticides is beginning to prove to be even more deadly to all life on this beautiful planet of ours.

Seeing that these pesticides are on and in the vast majority of all foods we have available in the markets, except for organic, to what extent does it make sense to try and avoid these chemicals. Not only that but how realistic is it that the average person can be able to avoid consuming enough of these, through the food they eat, to make a difference in the levels found in the body. I mean eating mostly or completely organic has been shown to lower the levels but I for one don’t have the budget to buy only organic. Short of going this route are any other measures going to prove worth while?

The thought that I settled in on was that I am 63 years old and I really don’t think that making small changes in the foods I eat is going to make any measurable difference in my toxic overload that I already have. Now this is just me at my current age, if I was much younger I most likely would look at this through different eyes. I just feel that this all comes down to what an individual wants out of life and how young they are.