Better then a diet

As with the majority of my generation being on or going on a diet was just not something that very many of us ever considered in our younger days. That is not the case with the subsequent generations however. Obesity among young people seems to be totally out of control. So why is that, what is the major cause of being obese in younger and younger adults, teens and children?

I for one have no problem in turning to the average diet of the western world. Everything that is processed has sugar in it! It all has the wrong kinds of fat in it! Everything is modified to make it look and taste good to everyone and it doesn’t matter what has been done to the original food. All of this is a huge contributor to the body’s inability to properly digest and utilize the food which nature has created and which mankind has thrived on for millions of years.

I think two of the major causes of obesity however is the fact that most people eat far more then the body needs to stay healthy and they consume all this food pretty much round the clock. In other words most people are constantly eating all the sugar soaked food. What this does is that it forces the body to burn sugar for energy instead of burning fat which is the body’s preferred fuel.

Now the situation exists that the body is burning sugar as fuel and the person is consuming way, way too much sugar so the body then is forced to constantly create more and more fat to store all the excess sugar that  is being consumed. The body just plain never has a chance to begin burning the fat that is being stored.

The better way to look at dieting is to first off stop eating round the clock. Give the body some time to burn what has been consumed. I have found that eating your meals in an eight hour window of time and then nothing outside of those eight hours has changed everything around for me. It’s called intermitent fasting and wow how it works. By not eating for the majority of the day the body is given the chance to start burning fat as fuel and when that happens a person starts to really loose weight. Add to this a reduced amount of sugar in what one eats and the weight starts to fall off.