Earth is not just a trash dumpster!

You might first think that this post might be some what off course but an event this week came home and made me think about this. I needed a large trash dumpster this week and so during the process of investigating the different firms and learning the sizes available and what size costs what I found my thoughts turning to all the huge amounts of trash and wast that are generated in this throw away wold of consumers that we live in. How there has to be found a much better way to resource what is not used up by the people of the world.

The first thoughts that came to me were how everything is processed to the ultimate degree and then packaged in some form of plastic that is of course not consumable or for that matter biodegradable on the whole and how this adds tons and tons of needless trash waste that is just being buried. I also can understand that a world of none rural consumers that have no way of growing or producing their own food is what the world has become for the most part and so consumers have no option other then having to buy what industry has created in the name of food safety but it is all just so wasteful. There has to be a better way!

I think that starting with the more affluent western countries people have to continue to organize and continue to put increasing pressure on our governments to mandate and or fund new incentives for industries to change the way food is grown and distributed to the consumers. If we can send machine across our solar system there is no way someone can not come up with a new way to distribute safely food around the world.