What’s the role of Pesticides?

Because of an event this week I have to write about pesticides and health. I have to mention this great company, the employees I interacted with and the service I did receive from the company. I live in a complex that has seen an influx of people from Somalia in the last number of years and I hate to point any fingers but the bug problem has been out of control here in the building for a corresponding number of years. I have been able to keep the numbers down to a very few here in this unit but it’s a never ending battle because the roaches have a perfect breeding ground in the rest of the building.

So the management and owner of the building finally got together after my repeated, being a pain in their asses, and had a company come in to start an elimination program for the roaches and other pests. When it came time to do my place I was able to talk to the two employees that were in my place and was able to pick their brains, so to speak, and learned quite a bit about the modern practice of pest control and some about the actual sprays and chemicals that they used.

Turns out that the modern day sprays are nothing like they used to be twenty years ago when I last had occasion to interact with pest control. The baits that are used are intended to be taken back into the walls and the hiding places of the roaches so that the bait is consumed by all and then allowed to do the work of killing the pests without exposing us, our pets or any other living creatures in our dwelling. The spray that was used is a contact substance that once dry is not a dangerous pesticide to man or beast.

Anyway, it has been quite some time since I have had such a pleasant interaction with a service provider that came into my home. I now feel some what more at ease with the knowadge that there are companies and in this case industries that are making a great effort to reduce the amount of toxins that all of us are exposed to day in and day out.