What’s the true value?

Very recently my business travels have taken me to the city of New Orleans and for the first time I had the time and opportunity to spend time to get to know New Orleans as more then just a tourist. I have heard about Bourbon Street many times over the years and I even watched the T.V. series Treme on HBO and even know a little about Fat Tues celebrations. So everything I knew was purely on a superficial level. At least that has all changed now.

Like I said I was there in connection with my new and growing business which facilitated traveling around the city. Don’t know if I have mentioned it here or not but I now own and run a digital marketing and consulting business and a new business is a tree care business. So as one might expect I saw many trees of all shapes and sizes as I traveled around the city. I have been in a fair number of other cities along the Gulf Coast and a couple of other cities in the South but I don’t think I have been so struck by the stunning magnificent trees there in New Orleans. The grand old Live Oaks were beyond words to me.  I have always had a special affinity with trees but this city has just plain out sone themselves when it comes to the number of and condition of these wonderful creations of nature.

After returning here to CO. it’s been hard to keep my mind from dwelling on all those magnificent trees. Anyway when my mind does go in that direction I have found myself pondering what kind of value those tree have. Now I’m not talking about the value that might exist from the lumber if some unfortunate circumstance dictated the milling one those grand trees. I talking about the intrinsic value to the soul, to humanity, to the cities health and happiness that is derived from the trees being there.

New Orleans is known far and wide for the beauty of it’s parks and green areas. I for one know the change that washes over me when I walk, sit or spend any time at all under all that grandness and I imagine that there are hundreds of thousands of others that might feel the same way…at least I sure hope there are hundreds of thousands.

So can a price be put on all those elated feelings and emotions? I know that there are studies on reduced health care costs when people spend time in parks and other relaxing outdoor locations. Plus there is measured effects on reduced air pollution when the city has a high percentage of green space per population. Plus I’m sure there must other studies to the positive effects of trees and flowers and such but I’m positive all these studies and undervaluing the price of the benefits of Tree-laxation!!!